Why have i no sound when watching vids on youtube?

Answer either turn the speakers up or the youtubes volume control if all else fails, restart your pc and reinstall your speakers

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How do I search for other YouTube vids without interrupting the one I'm watching?

Click on that button that says watch this video in a new window(its gray & on the top right of the video)

10 POINTS! How good is this laptop for watching youtube vids and playing flash games and also recording them?

For playing games 4 out of 10. For watching videos on youtube 7-10 the processor is not good this computer will crash after 2 months, the brand is also bad, i recommend you to look for a toshiba, d... Read More »

What are the best youtube vids ever made?

charlie bit my finger! everyone in my town seems to quote it. makes me laugh :)

Is there any way to download vids off youtube?

so far i have tried all kinda of plug ins and everything and the only way i have found to do it is to look it up in the cache.using firefox, clear the cache and watch the video then type "about:cac... Read More »