Why have I become more restless in my sleep?

Answer Your restlessness sleeping could purely be to do with the warm weather as it has been very humid lately and a lot of my friends have told me they have been sleeping badly!Have a look on this articl... Read More »

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How to Sleep When You Are Restless?

Many people are very restless now-a-days and need to find a way to sleep.

Is there a way to avoid a restless sleep?

I've aways been an insomniac. There's nothing like weed for a good nights sleep.

Going to sleep early isn't an option, How can i have more energy in the day!?

I used to have a similar problem. Here's what worked for me:- Have a big, HEALTHY breakfast (some people say that an apple keeps you awake better than coffee).- Drink lots of water! You'll go to th... Read More »

Sinc I have started to donate blood, the vains on my arm have become a lot more noticeable?