Why has no one ever invented an air-conditioned jacket?

Answer Here's one from Japan.

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Who invented the jean jacket?

Levi Strauss designed the first jean jacket in 1873. The first jean jacket was designed as a "work blouse", a tough, but flexible jacket to be worn while working in the harsh conditions of the Amer... Read More »

Who invented the life jacket?

Norwegian fishermen have been using wooden blocks as flotation devices for generations. But it's believed the first life jacket was designed by Captain Ward, an inspector for the UK's Royal Nationa... Read More »

Who invented the first inflatable life jacket?

The first inflatable life jacket was invented by Peter Markus in 1928. Andrew Toti also claimed the invention, but the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shows Markus' as the registered inventor with... Read More »

What Is a Conditioned Response?

A conditioned response is a learned response to a stimulus. For example, if an animal hears a bell followed by a loud sound such as a gunshot which stimulates a fright response, eventually the bell... Read More »