Why has my snow pea plant stopped flowering?

Answer Snow peas are sweet, crisp vegetables that can be eaten both raw and cooked. Because they are relatively low-maintenance plants, peas are popular in home gardens. They flower only at certain season... Read More »

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Why has my snow pea plant stopped blooming?

Snow peas are typically easy to grow, but there are several things that may cause the plant to stop blooming. Problems can include pests, soil nutrient levels and temperature.Soil ConsiderationsPe... Read More »

My African violet has stopped flowering, what can I do?

LIGHTInsufficient light is one of the major reasons Violets do not bloom well. Violets must have 10 to 14 (16 is max) hours of bright light per day (no direct sun). Variegated varieties usually nee... Read More »

How do i plant the flowering plant called heather?

Planting HeatherRemove rocks and weeds from the garden. Cover the area with one inch of aged manure or peat moss and mix it into the soil with a tiller or shovel. Dig a hole large enough to accommo... Read More »

What is the definition of a flowering plant?

Flowering plants are also known by their plant group name anthophyta or angiosperm. This group of plants is split into two groups called monocots and dicots. The flowering plant is defined by a cl... Read More »