Why has my iPod nano just stopped working?

Answer My mums did the same.. she sent it back to apple and they replaced it.. they said it had malfunctioned?

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My Ipod froze up...why I keep on pressing the buttons but it's not working it's a Ipod nano.?

Hold Middle button and top button (on the circle thingy)for about 10 seconds, it should restart

My ipod touch stopped working?

try holding the one and only button down for like 5 sechonds then the sleep button too together at the sametime for 6+ sechonds. if that doesnt work, do it the other way around, start with sleep b... Read More »

The Volume on the iPod Stopped Working?

The portable nature of an iPod can lead to volume-related issues, ranging from the volume being too low or to loud to not the volume controls not responding at all. Depending on which iPod make and... Read More »

The speakers on my ipod stopped working?

Try inserting in headphones & taking them out. If nothing works, turn off you iPod or reboot it. I'm pretty sure resetting it will help :) Contact Apple if nothing works!