Why has my eye colour changed?

Answer Eye colour can change through out life. This is an excerpt from wikipedia:"In European populations, children are most commonly born with unpigmented eyes. As the child develops, melanocytes—cell... Read More »

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The colour on my computer monitor has changed, how do i get it back to the original colour?

In the monitor menu, each colour should be set to 100.If you have lost one colour, and everything has gone, for example, very cyan or magenta all of a sudden, then you should try unplugging your mo... Read More »

Can your eye colour be changed?

No, if you want different coloured eyes you will have to use contact lenses.

Can anyone tell me please,the righthand corner of my screen has changed colour,wot would cause this.thank yo?

Most answers here are correct (even though some have added some nonsense). Something magnetic has magnetized your crt (screen). Make sure speakers and any other magnetic materials are at least two ... Read More »

Are you pregnant if your areola changed colour 5 days after intercourse?

Answer AS the embryo does not implant until 6-10 days after fertilisation no pregnancy hormones are being produced so you would not yet have any signs of pregnancy.