Why has my computer become so slow?

Answer Open Internet Explorer and select Tools, then Internet Options, now click Delete. Clear Temporary Internet Files, Delete Cookies and History. Furthermore, you can also do a disk cleanup and some ... Read More »

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My computer has become slow how to fasten my computer?

the computer gets slow when u download or install alot of stuff in it. the first thing to do is delete the stuff u don't need and that might fasten ur computer.

My computer has become extremely slow!?

Try this computer speedup tool:http://boost-pc-performance.infoIt works very well.

Computer has become extemely slow?

See By Looking At Your Configuration I Think You have A Super speed Computer But If It Is Slow I Should Give You The Following Tips!!- Try To Defragment- Scan For Viruses- If You Have A Format disc... Read More »

Computer has become too slow, what can I do?

If it was running fine until recently then it may be something other than not having enough ram. The links below may help in sorting some things outFirst Disable unnecessary programs from starting ... Read More »