Why has my back hurt ever since?

Answer First off, I do not believe that the back pain is caused from the trampoline. There must be an underlying problem that is causing the pain. Have you seen a physcial therapist? If not, they might ... Read More »

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I did some cocaine and meth the other night and my heart has hurt ever since!?

Geeeee I can't imagine why that would cause any problems... It's your body telling you that it didn't like what you put into it... is your problem critical?...most likely not, YOU have to be the Ju... Read More »

My eye wont stop tearing ever since this morning it hurt when i blink?

This happens to me often as I work the party scene in Vegas 5 nights a week. Glitter, smoke and just close contact with wild people (haha). And I wear contacts! I am constantly getting something ... Read More »

I had a spinal tap done about 1 year ago & ever since then my back hurts!?

Yes, and sue the people who gave you the spinal tap.

Ever since my wife came back from her month-long business trip to France she has been gaining weight?

Maybe she stuffed herself with too many Twinkies while she was away. I love the way the cream filling just squirts out!