Why has my Youtube stayed in French ....?

Answer i am so sorry doctor, i also had gotten this problem once i clicked on a link with another language.i went to address bar and change the address from to Read More »

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How late have you ever stayed up?

Around 80 hours without sleep. Don't remind was NOT pleasant.I never knew stone monuments could look like people shaking...

I wished id stayed with windows xp?

Vista is troublesome and will be for some time to come and when they get it right it will be time to change to the next bit of business ME came and went XP is going grand now so I would advise you ... Read More »

Have you stayed the same as in your 20, 30, 40,50, 60,70, 80.?

This past year, I've put weight on and blaming it on the menopause.Until then ... 35 was a nice age to be ... Ah those were the days.

Who stayed to go on last night on American idol?

Well it was not yest but it was meagan who got off! i am happy! but i did not know why she was acting like a bird! My name is megan!