Why has my 15 year old daughter started smoking?

Answer The reason might be important in solving this problem, but it is not essential. May be she started out of curiosity, or may be she wants to draw your attention, may be she just wants to be more lik... Read More »

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About a year ago, my t.v. started turning itself off. Now,both computer and radio started coming on. Ideas?

Strange! I don't have a clue about TV/radio but check your BIOS for some "Wake on LAN" or "Wake on 56k" activity, or even just a timer that is set to boot at a certain time. Many BIOS have these op... Read More »

Im 20 yrs old and i started smoking cigarettes ...?

IT NEVER works to solve one problem w/anothr problem, sorry, no.find another way, walking is a great stress reliever, dont laugh til ya try it. it's also good for your body & mind.

Started coughing when smoking?

It's the smoking that is causing you to cough. It's not healthy for you, it destroys your lungs. So that's why you're coughing, your lungs are slowly dying so it's harder for them to work. You star... Read More »

How many fires are started in the U.S. due to smoking?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in 2007, there were 140,700 fires in homes that were started as a result of smoking in the home. Of those fires, 720 deaths were directl... Read More »