Why has college tuition more expensive than in the past?

Answer The cost of health care benefits to the full time staff at the college have increased tremendously. Probably by about 80% in the 10 years you are talking about. The cost of utilities has also inc... Read More »

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Are LED TVs more expensive than LCD?

Yes! LED TV is more Expensive than LCD.

Are tv projectors more expensive than LCD tvs?

"Generally speaking, TV projectors cost less than LCD tvs. However, the market for LCD tvs is much larger and often a much more popular decision for home entertainment. Potential buyers should cons... Read More »

Why is a LCD TV more expensive than PLASMA?

Mainly because LCD over 40" come in 1080p standard as compare to plasmas you can still buy a 720p. 1080p plasmas and LCDs are about the same though.And of course you'll pay more for the 120hz which... Read More »

1098-T form: I have more from scholarships than tuition costs, should I report it?

You do not need to send this information unless you received gift money (grant or scholarship) that exceeds your total cost of education which includes tuition, fees, books, room & board if applica... Read More »