Why has college tuition more expensive than in the past?

Answer The cost of health care benefits to the full time staff at the college have increased tremendously. Probably by about 80% in the 10 years you are talking about. The cost of utilities has also inc... Read More »

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What is college tuition!?

I would like to know that also.Thanks for asking this useful question ! ^^!

How to pay my college tuition?

Thats insane. the whole point of fafsa is to find out the people who don't have enough money and to give then grants/low cost loans. I wish you gave more info about your situation. Do you mean your... Read More »

Where does college Tuition go EXACTLY?

Some schools will tell you exactly where a portion of that money is going (they list some fees out like for the library, computer labs, wellness centers etc....). However, your always going to have... Read More »

Is college tuition tax deductible?

On One Hand: American Opportunity CreditYou are eligible for up to $2,500 in tax deductions if you claim the Internal Revenue Service's American Opportunity Credit on your return. The credit allow... Read More »