Why has blackberry messenger&blackberry app world vanished from my phone?

Answer delete the theme and go on your computer download it from the app world online and copy and paste to your phone ! if it doesnt work the orange shop probbly will just state the obvious but depends, ... Read More »

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What does the world mean on a BlackBerry phone?

Prior to BlackBerry 5.0 you may have noticed a tiny globe icon. This icon is used for accessing the Internet. If you do not see it on your home screen, click on the BlackBerry icon button that is... Read More »

How to Setup Email on a BlackBerry World Phone?

BlackBerry's World Edition series of smartphones give you the ability to stay in touch no matter where you travel. As with all BlackBerry devices, World Edition series phones support BlackBerry's p... Read More »

How to Delete the Old Owner's Phone Number From a Blackberry 8830 World Edition?

The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition has the programming information stored in the device, rather than in the SIM card. This programming information, which contains the phone number and MSID of the de... Read More »

What is the best phone the htc touch pro smartphone the iPhone 3g the blackberry 8900 or the blackberry pearl?

Depends on what your needs are. An Android device is good overall (especially if you have a Google acount). A Nokia device is also a good device overall, but goes well with media. A BlackBerry is c... Read More »