Why has a Word.doc been changed into a .rsf file?

Answer **Updated**Its not that the doc file has been changed to an rsf file. It is more likely that it appears as an rsf file as the software was not able to fully recover it as a word document.You could ... Read More »

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Can an MPGA file be changed to an MP3 file?

It is possible to convert a MPGA file to an MP3 file. There are many programs available on the Internet that allow you to convert files to different formats, including MPGA to MP3.Source:NCH SOftwa... Read More »

Can a VOB file extension be changed to MPEG?

A VOB file extension can be changed to an MPEG. To accomplish this, users must employ a conversion software capable of supporting VOB files. A number of such programs are available on the internet,... Read More »

How to Program in windows for getting an updated file whenever an Excel sheet is changed?

Because you specified the words "Excel Sheet", I am going to assume that you truly meant Worksheets and not Workbooks (which are separate MS-Excel files).This will need to be accomplished through V... Read More »

What changed first when jamaica changed to the metric system?

Jamaica's first major change based on the metric system happened when they decimalized their currency in 1968 after the Jamaican House of Representatives voted to convert from the British pound to ... Read More »