Why has "Tokiopedia" been shut down[Tokio Hotel Family ONLY]?

Answer It would seem that the site was a fan site that did not have permission to generate proprietary content about the band Tokio Hotel.…I would ... Read More »

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Tokio Hotel Family and fans(ONLY!) Have you ever been to a TH concert?

YES! most amazing night of my life. i took 5730284597 pictures, and i'll never delete any. i can't even describe how great their concerts are :'] even waiting in line for 6 hours, and standing insi... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family :: Am I The Only One On The Family That Dislikes Twilight?

hahaha NEIN!!you are not!i strongly dislike twilightit makes me sooo mad, i guess its because i've read vampire books before i heard about that one and when i found out about what happens in it it ... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family (only) Youtube!?

Add Tokio Hotels Official youtube page & add people from there(:Or post a comment on there page & people might add you,who are fans of Tokio Hotel, just like me(by the way this is my friends yahoo,... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: Am i the only one confused?

I get confused at times so don't be so hard on yourself. hehehe, I like goats !