Why has "Tokiopedia" been shut down[Tokio Hotel Family ONLY]?

Answer It would seem that the site was a fan site that did not have permission to generate proprietary content about the band Tokio Hotel.…I would ... Read More »

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Tokio Hotel Family: About people leaving... Is TH Family just gonna be a closed group now :'(?

You are wanted!Please don't take anything anybody here said as that you're not wanted.I accept all new members.If the family get's to be "closed" and not accpeting any new members than whatever.It'... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: Question bout the TH Family?

I agree. There are probably about 200 hundred different "Tokio Hotel Family" users on Answers, but only twenty or thirty people contribute regularly by asking and answering questions. I can recogni... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family :: Am I The Only One On The Family That Dislikes Twilight?

hahaha NEIN!!you are not!i strongly dislike twilightit makes me sooo mad, i guess its because i've read vampire books before i heard about that one and when i found out about what happens in it it ... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family : Have you ever brought anything from the Official Tokio Hotel Merchandise online shop?

No I haven't bought anything because my mom/brother are super strict about where you order it...and if the people from upstairs are gonna open/steal it..again. But I really want the things for the ... Read More »