Why girls become fat after marriage is it fact that from reason of male sperm?

Answer By Go d I am telling you brudda dat de sparms is veddy sweeet and makes de girl fat when she has de lingam in de poonanny all de time.

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Was the fact that I am overly confident the reason I got kicked off the show?

Can you freeze male sperm?

Sperm can be frozen for certain purposes. Sperm can be frozen at a local sperm bank; however, it will cost a fee. Some researchers freeze male sperm for cryopreservation purposes.Source:Sperm Bank ... Read More »

How many chromosomes are in male sperm?

Each human sperm carries 23 chromosomes. Twenty-two of those are known as autosomes, and one is either an X or Y chromosome. These 23 chromosomes join with 23 more from an egg at fertilization, for... Read More »

How long do female eggs&male sperm live?

After a man ejaculates, his sperm can survive for three to five days inside of a woman's cervical mucus. If ejaculated outside of the body, sperm may only survive for a few hours. After a woman ovu... Read More »