Why gardening is important?

Answer Gardening is important because it gives usoxygen in which we need to breathe. If we don't have Gardens,Rain-forests,Plants of any kind in the world, we would not be able to breathe.

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Why are nitrogen compounds important to home gardening?

All living things need nitrogen - it is a key part of both plant and animal tissue, and plants wouldn't be able to grow without it. We get our nitrogen by eating protein, but most plants have to ge... Read More »

Wise gardening ones, I have many container gardening questions - or "Is there any cure for a 'black thumb'"?

1. Yes, you can plant different things in one pot. It will depend on the size of the pot, and what the plants are. You can tuck cilantro and oregano around the edges of almost any pot, but a tom... Read More »

Is respecting your military important and why it is important?

Yes it is really important to respect your militay soldiers because they protect you. You also have to honor them and support them. You also have to send a thank you notes to the troops. Your mili... Read More »

What are two important important organic rocks?

coal and limestone are the two most important organic rocks because of their uses. coal as you know is and important fossil fuel and limestone is used for many things in construction.