Why fridge has bulb and freezer don't?

Answer Answer Because of extreme low temperatures down to -45 degrees C in freezers when you open the door the warm air from outside will damage the bulb.

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My samsung American fridge freezer beeping, not giving me water and freezer temp going up?

Hi, if I were you I would just get rid of that freezer and replace it with another one, since your husband seems unable to fix it. This is because your food in the freezer should not be repeatedly ... Read More »

Why is the freezer at the the top of the fridge?

It is less expensive to manufacture the freezer on top. Better, and more expensive, refrigerators have the freezer on the bottom or, of course, a side by side.

What is the difference between a fridge and a freezer?

A fridge keeps things cool , a freezer freezes things, the mechanics are basically the same.

Fridge/freezer broken down?

Someone may have shut off your electricity while you were gone.In any event, you shouldn't be held responsible unless you either did or failed to do something important, or unless your rental agree... Read More »