Why fresh shellfish should be alive until the moment it is cooked?

Answer Shouldn't eat shellfish. High in sodium.

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How soon should fresh cooked shrimp be eaten?

Shrimp should be eaten or refrigerated within two hours after cooking. Cooked shrimp served outside or in any area warmer than 90 degrees Fahrenheit should be consumed, refrigerated or discarded af... Read More »

What should you do if your brother is shellfish to you?

Try and talk to him and find out why he is selfish to u. and tell him that by him being selfish to u he is hurting u . You might want to either cook him up and eat him with a nice butter sauce or ... Read More »

How do you like your fresh shrimp cooked?

PEACE U are strange.Butterflied rolled in cornmeal & tempura flour and FRIED!

How long do cooked eggs stay fresh in the refrigerator?