Why everyone want to know my weight?

Answer theyre just wondering, ignore them and say something else that you'd like to say to them

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I just want everyone to know how happy i am?

congrats to you, i had this experience 3 months ago with the birth of my first child, i too went through it all with my wife, and felt for her cos she was going through the pain, and when i saw him... Read More »

Everyone can answer this: Are you a vegetarian, i just want ot know how common it is?

Know a lot about cancer Want to make it easier for everyone here to help others?

Very good idea there are too many young girls who are not educated in breast cancer facts.We do need to take initiative to show these young girls the true facts of breast cancer.

I want to know if im fat..i weight 105 and measure 5ft. 2 inches and im also 13 years old.. ?

Healthy weight for your height is 125. You are on the low end of healthy but definitely not over weight.