Why drives are start for C drive not from A OR B?

Answer A and B are reserved for floppy disk drives. If you only installed 1, it would be both A and B. This would allow you to make copies of a disk. It would store everything on the disk in memory, th... Read More »

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Why do they drive on the left in the UK while all Europe drives on the right?

The English, before autos, liked to sit on the right side of buggies so they could use their right hand to hold a weapon, such as a sword and pass opposing enemies on the left and strike them, as i... Read More »

Does anyone still use floppy drives would you not consider buying a pc without an "a" drive?

No No NOFloppy drive is old type of drive to carry 1.4mb data to any whare from one computer to an othre computer now in these day's floppy drive is replased with usb storage devise normmly called ... Read More »

How many drives can be connected to a parallel IDE drive?

You can connect one additional device to a parallel IDE drive, for a maximum total of two devices connected to any one motherboard IDE connector. Most motherboards that employ IDE technology have t... Read More »

How to download drives using flash drive?

You plug the flash drive into your computing device and ask your web browser to download the file. When the download finishes choose the 'show in folder/file location' option for the file then cut... Read More »