Why drives are start for C drive not from A OR B?

Answer A and B are reserved for floppy disk drives. If you only installed 1, it would be both A and B. This would allow you to make copies of a disk. It would store everything on the disk in memory, th... Read More »

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How do I Start My Inspiron 9300 From the CD Drive?

If you want to reinstall an operating system or run advanced system recovery and testing tools, you'll need to start your Inspiron 9300 from the CD drive. Booting from the CD drive will prevent the... Read More »

How do I copy a shortcut to the start menu from a removable drive?

Open Removable DrivePlug your removable drive into your computer. If the removable drive folder does not immediately open, click "Start" and "Computer." Click on the removable drive under Hard Disk... Read More »

How many primary drives can be on one hard drive?

A primary drive is the main hard drive currently in use on a computer. As such, there can only be one primary drive at any given time. You can format a hard drive into up to four primary partitio... Read More »

How to download drives using flash drive?

You plug the flash drive into your computing device and ask your web browser to download the file. When the download finishes choose the 'show in folder/file location' option for the file then cut... Read More »