Why download a disk defragger?

Answer No there is no need to have an additional defrager.Your computer comes with one, so I would say absolutely not. Keep running the malwares,spy-wares,regularly, I do once a week, and defrag monthly.

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How do I download games to a disk?

DownloadDownload your .ISO game file to the hard drive. Now download the program "ImgBurn" and install; then place a blank DVD into the DVD writable drive on your computer.BurnOpen "ImgBurn" and ch... Read More »

Free download for disk cleaner?

here download it from here :)| along with it I personally use this software advance system care…Both programs are totall... Read More »

How to Download Windows XP Recovery Disk?

You can follow the above mentioned steps to create the recovery disk for Windows XP or you can download one from the official website of Microsoft for free. These ready to install recovery disks co... Read More »

How do i download a scanner without a disk from manufacturer?

go to the website, i believe every company has free downloadable software...good luck!