Why dosnt my camera work?

Answer Hi there,I've had the same problem with one of my friend's cameras and who had been to the was a Canon S410.....I took it apart and guess what was causing the problem with the lens? 1 sm... Read More »

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Why dosnt myspace work?

tom said that there was a power serge in his area and put his servers down and they should be up shortly (maybe by tomorrow) hopefully I MISS IT!!! lol

My power supply dosnt work with my motherboard?

Are you plugging in the four-pin CPU connector? are you sure your CPU is a AMD3+ processor? The fact that the "paperclip trick" works doesn't tell you must, except that the power supply will react ... Read More »

Malware and it dosnt go away?

First, disable system restore.Next, download and install the following programs: RKill,MalwareBytes Anti Malware, SuperANTISpyware and Ccleaner. They are all free and you may delete them and uninst... Read More »

Something just dosnt feel right?

but hun you had that light period already? remember? like a month ago? that was probably it sweetie. i dont think you can bleed for a couple of days then say you didnt have a period!you should test... Read More »