Why dosen't my monitor turn on but my "CPU" does?

Answer Some monitors have dual display inputs. On the front of the monitor there should be two buttons labeled 1 & 2 or something similar. If the monitor does not have dual inputs try the following:1. Shu... Read More »

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Does it save a lot of electricity to turn off my monitor?

not only saves energy, but also the monitor

How do I turn my laptop monitor into my desktop monitor?

Sorry, not possible... Internally, laptop displays might use LVDS or eDisplayport, but, still, it's only meant for embedded and industrial PCs. don't even think about it, unless you're really good ... Read More »

I have a LG m228wa monitor/TV why does the on led go orange when I turn on my PC?

Here is the support site check with them, I am sure they will be able to help…

Why does my HP monitor go to sleep 10 minutes after I turn the computer on?

I have the same problem with my HP which isn't even a year old yet. It was real hot too, the fan wasn't working, but even when I had it fixed it still overheats and it goes into sleep mode when I'... Read More »