Why dose my pc keep turning of on its own?

Answer That's a very general question, from the information you provided, it will be guess-work, trying to help you.There obviously is a number of things that can cause a PC to "turn off", some of which a... Read More »

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How do you keep muchrooms from turning after the package is open. Putting them in a plastic bag dose not work.?

Mushrooms don't like closed bags - they start to get slimy and rot. They need some fresh air to keep alive so a moist covering that lets air in is the best - like a slightly damp paper towel but no... Read More »

I keep putting sunscreen in my eyes to protect them, but why do they keep turning red?

Because your not supposed to put sunscreen IN your eyes. You should buy some sunglasses. It will protect your eyes better and it will be less painful.

My tv keep turning its self up full volumne. its so load and i keep trying to turn it down with the remote.?

Why does my lcd tv keep turning off?