How to Respond to Essay Exam Questions?

Answer Students sometimes struggle with essay questions on exams because they do not know the proper way to respond. However, writing an answer for an essay question does not have to be difficult. Essay q... Read More »

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Its on home button and all buttons work but the screen dont respond when i touch it or slide it.?

And this device is an electric shaver? A GPS device? A phone? A computer? What?

How to Respond to Discussion Questions in the Online Learning Setting?

Online discussion questions take the place of classroom discussion in an online learning environment. Class participation is usually one of the grading factors in the breakdown of points. Participa... Read More »

Why do Teetotalers and neo-Prohibitionists respond to questions in Beer Wine & Spirits?

B/c they care about everybody and are just so darn happy, sneakin in the bathroom to take a swig of Nyquil (c/they're not alcoholics)or pullin the fifth of 5 O'Clock out of the couch cushions and ... Read More »

Why dont more people use wikipedia to answer their questions?

wikipedia is unreliable. but then again, so is y!a... but the advantage of y!a is that if multiple people say the same thing its probably correct...