Why do idiots answer questions they clearly dont know the answer too.?

Answer They do it for the points, I think. Which is silly, as you point out, since they are meaningless. And there really are people here or are ignorant (and maybe even stupid) who don't know the rules o... Read More »

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Why do people answer questions if they are just gonna say "I dont know"?

I know exactly how you feel. It is rather tiresome having infantile answers to real questions. However, there are plenty of intelligent people who do respond... thank goodness.Those others are ju... Read More »

Drunk while sitting in your car .husband just asked me and i dont know the answer.?

Yes you can, because it can be argued that you probably intended to drive or had already driven the car.

True or False Always answer honestly and avoid no comment If you dont know say so and bridge to a command message?

I am a girl and i dont have my period yet and i am scared and dont know what to do when i get it?

You didn't mention how old you are. Some girls have their period at age 12, some get it at age 16. I had it at age 16. So, there is nothing to worry about it. Just take it easy. If you are older th... Read More »