Why dont you have an applications tab in your iTunes?

Answer You do have it on the latest itunes when an iphone is selected under devices. In the library you will see an applications section if you have at least one application saved in the library.

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Do you have to go on to iTunes to get songs onto your itouch or can you get songs from iTunes straight from your itouch because i know you can go ont the internet but i dont know if you can get iTunes?

Yes you can. Just click on the purple iTunes on your iTouch instead of clicking music. It should take you straight to the iTunes store. But you must pay to by them.

Your applications dont open for your iPhone?

Your apps that came pre-installed on the iphone, mail, ipod, calendar, etc., should work anyway. If even these apps don't work, you have a software issue and need to first try rebooting the phone,... Read More »

Why is my iTunes not showing applications?

Go to iTunes/Preferences/General. Is there a check mark next to Applications in the Show section? Checking this will show the apps folder under the library menu.In order to see your downloaded apps... Read More »

How do I transfer applications from iTunes to iPod?

Connect Your iPod to Your ComputerConnect your iPod to your computer using the USB cable. Open iTunes if it doesn't launch automatically.Enable App Syncing & SyncClick on the iPod icon that appears... Read More »