Why do boogers taste salty sometimes and then sometimes they dont?

Answer Boogers are largely affected by the air you breath, beacuse the snot and nose hair are responsible for trapping bacteria and foreign substances lots of the time your boogers will be full of what ev... Read More »

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Why do idiots answer questions they clearly dont know the answer too.?

They do it for the points, I think. Which is silly, as you point out, since they are meaningless. And there really are people here or are ignorant (and maybe even stupid) who don't know the rules o... Read More »

Dont you wish you sometimes had a maid or housekeeper?

HEYYY I will trust her alll up and thru......I always wish for hired help, even though I here all day!

Do you sometimes wear belts even when you dont 'have' to?

Yeah I only had to wear belts at afc if not it was caution tape xD lol and court but other then that yeah sometimes I do I have 2 favorite belts (: and yeah I feel the same I usually have like weir... Read More »

I dont know whats wrong with my septic. Sometimes, it's overflowing, and other times, its all gone. help?

Puddling indicates that the leach field is not percolating well. This can happen to really old septic systems when the ground under the field becomes saturated with fine particulates. The best wa... Read More »