Why don't vegetarians live longer than people who eat meat?

Answer Not all vegetarians are healthy, i think those that eat a balanced diet do have a higher chance of living for a long time, but then the same for meat eaters, just because someone eats meat it doesn... Read More »

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Do vegetarians live longer than 60?

Yes. So does the general population. Average life expectancy in the U.S. is about 78. (Lower than most industrialized nations because of poor diet and a dependence on prescription drugs.)

Do vegetarians lose weight quicker than people who eat meat?

Not always. In some cases they also eat more starches...which make you fat in excess.

If vegetarians dont like meat?

Mainly for protein intake. But isn't itso great when you get a nice juicy steak off the grill and throw it onto a plate?

Why dont vegetarians have a problem with feeding their pets meat?

I'm vegetarian (and used to be a vegan), but I feed my cat meat because he is a carnivore and it would be cruel and unhealthy to deny him his natural diet. I also give him fresh organic chicken & o... Read More »