Why don't vegetarians eat fish isn't eating fish healthy?

Answer By definition, vegetarians do not eat fish. If a person were to eat fish, then she could not be a vegetarian. The most popular reasons for not eating fish seem to be moral and ethical, ahead of hea... Read More »

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Vegetarians and vegan:do you think fish is healthy and do you consider pecetarians to be healthier than you?

I don't care if it's "healthy" or not. I can also be "healthy" with not eating them. Omega 3s can be obtained from flax and walnut.I'm not going to eat a sentient being that wanted to live. A vegan... Read More »

Are you eating the healthy fish that you should Are these in your diet?

If it was up to me i would live on sea food but i cant afford it. I could live on a strict diet of shrimp and cocktail sauce. Monday fried shrimp, Tuesday coconut shrimp, wednesday shrimp scampi, t... Read More »

Isnt true that vegetarians dont eat meat Well I met a guy who claimed he was but he had some sushi for dinner?

Actual vegetarians do not eat any meat. Some people are confused and call themselves vegetarian when they eat meat. Fish is meat and no vegetarian eats fish. There are no levels of vegetarian besid... Read More »

Fish or chicken, chicken or fish, what other meats are heart healthy?

Most all meats can actually be healthy, even from small game that has been hunted in the wild and well-cleaned and cooked over a fire. But modern Man has largely lost that once essential survival t... Read More »