Why dont they sell canned water?

Answer Coming from the beverage industry, I can answer this question. Canned water is in fact sold, although in very small quantities. Typically more sparkling waters go into cans than still waters. La ... Read More »

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Can you sell homemade canned goods online?

Homemade canned goods can be marketed online, but with considerable difficulty. Complications arise due to variance in manufacturing and labeling standards between jurisdictions, especially across ... Read More »

Does canned cat food have a lot of water?

All commercially made canned cat food contains at least 75 percent water. The remaining ingredients are protein, fat, fiber and additives. This is a lot compared to dry cat food, which contains 10 ... Read More »

I want a DVD but they dont sell it for my region?

You could get a region free blu ray player. This way you can import any movies not released in your country.

Where can you sell cds you dont listen to anymore ?