Why don`t they make raisin juice?

Answer Raisin juice is a pure extract of raisins. Throughout several processing stages, raisins are leached with water to produce raisin juice. The liquid is then evaporated in a vacuum pan to produce a s... Read More »

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If they can make Apple juice, Why can't they make lasagna juice?

They can, you just have to put it all in a blender with some ice cream and tomato soup.

Why are they called wisdom teeth because they dont make you any wiser?

hey!They are generally thought to be called wisdom teeth because they appear so late—much later than the other teeth, at an age where people are supposedly wiser than as a child, when the other t... Read More »

My juicer makes a bunch of tiny bubbles in my juice. They upset my stomach after drinking the juice. Why?

It's not the bubbles that are affecting your stomach. Everyday we swallow air when we drink or eat. The thing that's upsetting your stomach is the stuff that you are juicing.

I've often wondered why they dont make "brown" bandaids!!!?

Ebon-Aide"at least, a protective srip that's Made In You Shade!"They come inLicoriceMochaCoffeeCinnamon &Honey