Why don't they make nicotine gum that tastes like cigarette smoke?

Answer Thats a very good question but I would not be interested in this. Smoking for me is so much more than the nicotine addiction (although that is a big part). I love the whole act of inhaling and ex... Read More »

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Can nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke reduce your night vision?

On One Hand: Nicotine and Carbon Monoxide Reduce Night VisionCigarette smoke has a large number of negative effects on the body, among them reduced night vision. According to Macular Degeneration S... Read More »

How much nicotine is in one cigarette?

There's an average amount of 1mg of nicotine in one cigarette. Individuals who smoke about one pack of cigarettes per day are ingesting about 20mg of nicotine per day. Nicotine like other drugs is ... Read More »

How many mg of nicotine are in 1 cigarette?

its the mg for each cigarette, not the whole packet..

Is nicotine bad for you not with a cigarette?

Well, it's bad. Enough of it can kill you. Enough caffeine can kill you too. There is actually little evidence about how bad nicotine is outside of tobacco products. It's probably comparable to... Read More »