Why don't they make SED tv's go into production?

Answer SEDs never became commercially viable and most work on them (and FEDs) has stopped in favor of LCD TVs. I think that's a shame, as they had real promise. But apparently, LCDs are "good enough" for ... Read More »

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Why are they called wisdom teeth because they dont make you any wiser?

hey!They are generally thought to be called wisdom teeth because they appear so late—much later than the other teeth, at an age where people are supposedly wiser than as a child, when the other t... Read More »

I've often wondered why they dont make "brown" bandaids!!!?

Ebon-Aide"at least, a protective srip that's Made In You Shade!"They come inLicoriceMochaCoffeeCinnamon &Honey

What are the signs of some one having diabetes.but they dont know they have it...?

As I have lived with diabetes in the family for 27 years first my brother and now my partner (5 years ago) the symptoms are yes thirst and weeing a lot also thrush, back ache, tiredness (excessive-... Read More »

If the national speed limit is 70mph, then why dont car manufacturers make them so they carnt go above that?

British drivers drive elsewhere too - In Ireland the top limit is 75mph, on the continent it can be as high as 80mph and on some German roads there's no limit.