Why don't taxi's have car seats for children?

Answer because children and adults are not desame. and were adult sit children cannot seat, defending on the condition.

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How do you travel with children in taxis without dragging car seats along everywhere?

Children in Taxis The Tote N' Go seat that was recommended in the previous answer is a TERRIBLE seat! I do not know a vehicle it can be PROPERLY installed in and used. Also it is a forward facing o... Read More »

Do taxis in Ireland have car seats?

Yes, taxis in Ireland have car seats. Taxis in Ireland were deregulated in 2001. In Dublin, the Irish capital, trips within the city center should cost between four and eight euros (as of 2009.)Sou... Read More »

Are car seats required in taxis in california?

State laws in California require children six and under to be secured by a safety seat or seat belt in any moving vehicle, including a taxi. Taxi drivers and other public transit drivers are not re... Read More »

Do taxis have car seats in Paradise Island, Bahamas?

There are all sorts of taxis in Paradise Island, from first-class taxis and limousine services, but taxis in the Bahamas do not provide car seats for small children. It is illegal for children unde... Read More »