Why don't sporty girls have periods?

Answer Some elite sports players do not get their period due to their lack of body fat. The body will not prepare a woman for a baby (i.e. ovulate and hence menstruate) if their isn't enough body fat on t... Read More »

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Do girls really have periods?

First, I want to congratulate you! criticism and doubting the all mighty power of the machine is a very rare gift now a day!While yes woman bleed for about a week every month but that doesn't have ... Read More »

If girls get boobs & periods and have to get pregnant what happens to guys ?

Both boys & girls go through puberty. While girls develop breasts & start their periods, boys testicles drop, they start having wet dreams, their voice breaks & have growth spurts etc.. Although it... Read More »

Sporty Hairstyles for Girls?

Long hair that gets in the way can be difficult to manage for a girl who is very active or into sports. You may just go to the gym a lot or not have time for a long drawn-out morning hair routine. ... Read More »

My friend said girls will stop having periods after they have sex, it dat true ?

If they get pregnant, then yes. Otherwise no they wont stop.