Why don't people use their turn signals?

Answer According to Response Insurance, a national car insurer, 42% of those drivers say they don’t have enough time, 23% admit they are just plain “lazy,” 17% don’t signal because when they do, t... Read More »

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Do you think that it's rude that people do not use their turn signals?

Yes, it is prime example of people living their lives like they are the only one the exsists.

How do people drive without realizing their turn signals are on?

Like both of the other answers said if there's any other noises going on you usually can't hear the faint clicking sound. I know my signals are extremely quiet and even if I have my a/c on I can't ... Read More »

Is a big truck in front of your car begins to turn left but its right turn signals are flashing it is most lik?

Trucks with long trailers swing out a little in order to pull the front end of the trailer away from the right curb a bit so it can make the rear end clear the curb on the right side. Its marked on... Read More »

Why do my motorcycle turn signals activate my emergency lights when i signal for a right turn?

First guess would be a weak ground terminal. Check the grounding screw inside the light assembly.