Why don't people use their turn signals?

Answer According to Response Insurance, a national car insurer, 42% of those drivers say they don’t have enough time, 23% admit they are just plain “lazy,” 17% don’t signal because when they do, t... Read More »

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How do people drive without realizing their turn signals are on?

Like both of the other answers said if there's any other noises going on you usually can't hear the faint clicking sound. I know my signals are extremely quiet and even if I have my a/c on I can't ... Read More »

Have you ever noticed some drivers never use the turn signals that when changing lanes?

that and not signaling to turn till after theyve turned or have the turn signal on then turning the oposite direction

Why do some people get the flu and other people in same house dont?

Some may practice better hygiene; some may have immunity from other bouts with the flu; others may simply have a better immune system that responds without making them sick, and some people just ar... Read More »

Why do some people get diabeties and some dont?

Actually its not just genetics. It is also the poor lifestyle choice of people today. Especially with the growing number of fastfood items. *Here are the factors that can make you diabetic.-Family ... Read More »