Why don't people research before they ask a question?

Answer That's a good question. The only question's that I've ever asked are all one's that I've already tried to find the answer to and couldn't. Perhaps the reason could be contributed to laziness and ... Read More »

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Why do some people get the flu and other people in same house dont?

Some may practice better hygiene; some may have immunity from other bouts with the flu; others may simply have a better immune system that responds without making them sick, and some people just ar... Read More »

Hey dont u think some1 should ask a question about instant messanger problems?

yeah- I think we should all ask and then go answer each others questions and cash in on the points because of the lack of info we have gotten about it from yahoo

How to Design a Research Question?

Designing a focused and thoughtful research question helps to ensure that the research process will produce valuable new knowledge. When formulating a research question, remember that your job is ... Read More »

Simple random question. Hot Chocolate Hot Tea Or Hot Coffee For those who dont like these drinks ->?

Hot tea then hot chocolate. I may have had 3 cups of coffee in my lifetime.If I drink it, I like a little coffee in my half and half :P((((Hugs)))) (((Scooter)))–(¯`v´¯)–_--(¯`v´¯)– -(Â... Read More »