Why don't people like sushi?

Answer The Japanese people seem largely fond of it. I would be willing to bet there are a few reasons Westerners aren't entirely fond of it, though.First, there's a taboo against eating raw meat in our c... Read More »

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A boy follows me to a plaza and buys sushi there and sits and eats it. apparently i really like him and i dont?

I think he just went to get sushi then you walked up to him. He probably left then came back... told you a lot of crap then left for good. How the hell do you just like some random *** guy? You don... Read More »


Well, I don't really like people either.Part of that reason is because I have social anxiety. I hate being around people,

How many people dont like you iCarly?

everyone does all but losers so take a way 765,983 that's jus an estimate if u don't like them y u no who u r ur a loser

Why dont some people like country music?

All I listen to is Country Music. I guess people don't like that the song reflect each of us