Why don't people like kids?

Answer Wow! That's news to me! There are all kinds of folks in the world, and some may not prefer to be around youngsters a lot. That's ok. But I think the majority of people, especially those who have ha... Read More »

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Why do people have kids but leave them behind and dont take care of them?

Because people have sex without thinking of the consequences of impregnating or getting pregnant. I think single woman have to be more responsible and more careful when it comes to having sex. Ever... Read More »

I dont know who the father of my kids is...?

Definately Jezza! I've got a mum heart T-bar pendant you can borrow that'll go nice with yer white patent knee highs!By the way Keisha-Chantelle & Jayden-Jay, beautiful names you must be so proud!I... Read More »

Why do some people get the flu and other people in same house dont?

Some may practice better hygiene; some may have immunity from other bouts with the flu; others may simply have a better immune system that responds without making them sick, and some people just ar... Read More »

This is derty kids dont read!?