Why don't people like drinking milk?

Answer Sorry to be a downer, but I can't drink it anymore. Don't keep reading if you don't want to hear a vegan's opinion. I mean, it's an animal's breast milk. It's meant for baby cows, not people. I... Read More »

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Do u like milk i dont...?

Yes, I love milk. It's the best. Probably because my mom had me drinking milk every day since I was born. It's my fave drink.If you're taking dance, than yes, it is necessary to have 2 glasses a da... Read More »

I seem to feel ill after drinking strong cordial/dilutant, but i dont like it any other way?

Cordials and squashes are intended to be drunk diluted, you seem to like sugar in your diet which suggests you're not eating well? Sugar-laden drinks have been shown to lead to diabetes in later li... Read More »

How many people dont like you iCarly?

everyone does all but losers so take a way 765,983 that's jus an estimate if u don't like them y u no who u r ur a loser


Well, I don't really like people either.Part of that reason is because I have social anxiety. I hate being around people,