Why don't people just Google the simple answers?

Answer Actually if you have an answer, Google is not the place to go. Maybe if you want to ask a question it is. Unfortunately, whatever you type in a google search returns a whole list of links to sites ... Read More »

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Why don't 98% of people simple Google their answers?

I so agree. Almost every question I answer, I am tempted to type,

Why dont you people use google?

Because asking questions here is fun, well at least for me... ! :)I like getting different people's opinions on diverse stuff. For example: I ask a question about computers, on Google, it's a bit t... Read More »

Do people google it before asking it on Y answers?

no being a fire fox i binged it on chrome while on opera ,but i prefer the version of search on ~> you can find it by searching in the yahoo box on bye see yahoo

Why dont people use wikipedia or google etc?

well, i dont use wikipedia because people can change info on it, so sometimes it's not true, and google can be the same way, and a mess to go through. I like hearing from real people on this site