Why don't people graduate high school?

Answer There are many reasons why students do not graduate from high school. Many students have financial and family issues. Failing grades, safety risks, drug use and early parenthood can also contribute... Read More »

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Why Should People Graduate High School?

Susan Lieberman, author of "The Real High School Handbook," wrote that a high school diploma "is both a symbol of success to others and a necessary requirement to pass on to many other opportunitie... Read More »

How many people get their graduate equivalency diploma after dropping out of high school?

Only about 20 percent of all high school dropouts had their graduate equivalency diploma, GED, after dropping out of high school, as of 2008 figures, according to a 2010 report by Pew Hispanic Cent... Read More »

What kind of education do people need to become a lawyer after they graduate from high school?

Answer Generally speaking, one must possess at least an associates degree (in almost any field) to apply to Law School.Speak with your guidance counselor or make an appointment with a counselor at ... Read More »

How many high school credits do you have to have to graduate high school in Oregon?

You need at least 24 credits to graduate from high school in Oregon. You need four credits in English, three in mathematics, three in science, three in social science, one in health, one in physica... Read More »