Why don't more plumbers take a tip from Mario and wear blue suspenders to avoid the unsightly plumber's crack?

Answer I think ALL of us could learn at least one lesson from Super Mario.

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Isn't it part of the job description for plumbers to show their clients a little butt crack?

yeah, i want a little extra curicular action now that im married!!!! :))

Do your plumbers supply their own wood?

My plumber comes to lay pipe every weekend, and yes, he always comes equipped with his hard wood.

What kinds of math do plumbers need to know?

Math is a part of trade jobs, and the plumber's trade is no exception. In fact, basic math and several forms of advanced math may be used by plumbers working out in the field or in the office.Why M... Read More »

How much do apprentice plumbers make?

According to, apprentice plumbers start with an hourly rate of $9.93 to $12.67 as of April 2010. With one to four years of experience, wages average $11.86 to $16.59 and at five to nin... Read More »