Why dont more people use wikipedia to answer their questions?

Answer wikipedia is unreliable. but then again, so is y!a... but the advantage of y!a is that if multiple people say the same thing its probably correct...

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Why do people answer questions if they are just gonna say "I dont know"?

I know exactly how you feel. It is rather tiresome having infantile answers to real questions. However, there are plenty of intelligent people who do respond... thank goodness.Those others are ju... Read More »

Why do so many people answer questions with links to Wikipedia?

Why do people find it necessary to answer questions with wikipedia?

Today, I've answered (sarcastically, of course) two very peculiar questions. One was along the lines of "which country dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima" and the other was "Did Fidel Castro win ... Read More »

Why do some people not choose a best answer to their questions?

2 possible reason seems rather obvious: >> some happens to be lazy sods>> others are not quite fortunate enough to see any answer that satisfies themIn my case, however, I tend to take my time in r... Read More »