Why don't mac computers get viruses while pcs do?

Answer If Mac's don't get viruses then explain to me why there's antivirus software available for them.…Mac's virus free is no longer true. Maybe not many, 200-3... Read More »

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Is it true that macs dont get viruses?

Macs can get viruses but the usually get fewer because computer hackers write most viruses for the Microsoft operating systems. Computer hackers like to affect as many computers as possible and si... Read More »

How long do viruses last on computers?

They last until you get rid of them.Good Luck!

Is it true that Mac computers don't get viruses?

ADD ON - i just used avast mac and guess what it found?avast...WTF???and an exe FOR WINDOWS!!! it cant do **** on a mac.its not because people have more pc's mac has 20 percent of CONSUMER market. ... Read More »

Do apple computers get viruses?

Yes, they are becoming more popular so they are bigger targets. Hackers are now starting to pay attention to Macs. This bulletin from the US Government National Cyber Alert System came in my e-ma... Read More »