Why don't limes have seeds?

Answer When you cut or bite into most citrus fruits, you will notice that they usually have seeds. Unlike their citrus cousins, the most common types of limes generally do not have any seeds.Types of Lime... Read More »

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Why don't limes have seeds like lemons?

Lemons and limes are two closely related and commonly found citrus fruits but they have some key differences in terms of how they are grown, the types that are found most often, and the presence of... Read More »

Why dont seeds need light to germinate?

Where do limes come from?

Key limes originate from the Indo-Malayan region, according to Purdue University. The Persian lime, however, has an unknown origin. Persia (modern Iran) probably introduced this fruit to the Medite... Read More »

How are limes grown?

Limes are zesty, fragrant, citrus fruits that are used to add a distinctive taste to many dishes. In the United States, there are two prevalent types of limes: Key Limes and Persian/Tahitian Limes.... Read More »