Why don't half of the people on here use a Google search?

Answer because they are lazy.... and that's also why they never bother to pick a best answer!!!

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Is there any way of deleting the things that you write in google to search dont want other family members see?

On the tools menu select delete browsing history and then delete all. Hope this works......

Why dont you people use google?

Because asking questions here is fun, well at least for me... ! :)I like getting different people's opinions on diverse stuff. For example: I ask a question about computers, on Google, it's a bit t... Read More »

Why dont people use wikipedia or google etc?

well, i dont use wikipedia because people can change info on it, so sometimes it's not true, and google can be the same way, and a mess to go through. I like hearing from real people on this site

How many people search on Google?

According to a study performed by comSource Inc. in late 2008, 777.9 million unique users visited the Google Web page in December 2008, making the site the most visited destination on the Internet.... Read More »