Why don't eggs sold in supermarkets hatch into chicks?

Answer As others have said the eggs have not been fertilized.Secondly, a fertilized egg must be incubated at about 93 days for 21 days to produce a chick, so even if the eggs had been fertilized the refri... Read More »

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How long does it take for chicks to hatch?

Baby chicks hatch about 21 days after the eggs start incubating. However, incubation doesn't begin on the day the eggs are laid; the hen lays a clutch of eggs over the space of a week or two, then ... Read More »

What is the temperature of an incubator to hatch chicks?

The temperature requirements of an incubator are uniform to almost all bird species. This allows a person to incubate a batch of eggs of varying species in the same incubator. If the incubator uses... Read More »

How to Hatch Chicks for a Science Project?

Hatching baby chicks is an exciting science project for students of all ages. Caring for the eggs throughout the chicks' embryonic development process provides an excellent learning experience. It'... Read More »

Can chicks in eggs go in the refrigerator for 30 minutes?

no, a chick can not go in the refrigerator for 30 minnutes,because they will die. they need the heat from their mommy.