Are podiatrists quacks?

Answer On One Hand: Podiatrists Receive Extensive TrainingAll 50 states and the District of Columbia require podiatrists, or foot doctors, to have licenses, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statis... Read More »

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Why do Alternative Med quacks hate science?

Einstein, have you even thought about what you've written? I rather think you've failed your own argument.You do realise that you are attacking the people rather than the argument with that nonsen... Read More »

Do you think anyone has died after following "advice" from alt med quacks/scammers on Yahoo Answers?

Instead of speculating on who is helping people and who is not and attacking people personally, let's just simply look at some facts for a change:In July 2004, Gary Null Ph.D, Carolyn Dean M.D., N.... Read More »

Quacks : do you think homeopathy or reiki can cure cancer or AIDS?

"Simply removing an affected subject from the cause of the 'disease' (progressive ailment) will allow for the body to pick up and expel anything it eventually neutralizes." Good grief, what a load ... Read More »

How can homeopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists and other quacks treat patients when they have no training...?

Because apart from herbals, what they are practicing is essentially worthless. No scientific or medical knowledge is required because acupuncture and homoeopathy have no scientific basis. Both viol... Read More »